Group exhibition is coming up!

Group exhibition is coming up!

I'm participating in a group exhibition and curating it with 3 amazing local female artists. I'm super excited and we are ready to have you come visit us! 


August Studios and participating artists are pleased to present, Of Two Minds, a multimedia exhibition bringing together the work of four female Vancouver artists opening Mother’s Day weekend, Saturday May 7th from 12-5pm at 1320 E Pender in East Vancouver. The exhibition explores themes of identity and being pulled in multiple directions as the artists process the ways in which motherhood, loss, and ideas of femininity have shifted their journey both personally and professionally.


"I would like to challenge you to see a mother on the street as if she is the winged woman who can carry so many emotions and secrets and still tend to the loved ones around her with such tenderness and love. My hope for this body of work is to provide you with wise eyes to see these mysterious creatures called “mothers” differently, to understand they have gone through transformation and changes, whether alone or with a bull." 

-- Emiko M. Venlet

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