About Emiko


North Vancouver based oil and acrylic painter, Emiko M. Venlet has been honing her skills as a still life painter for the past several years. Born and raised in Fukui, Japan, surrounded by the sea and mountains, Immigrating to Vancouver in 2010, Emiko is once again connected to mountains and the seaside, which remind her of her childhood.  As a youth, Emiko's connection to the arts and crafts was enriched by her mother and grandmother’s daily contribution to their Japanese crafts. It instilled an appreciation for arts and crafts in Emiko’s young soul, learning the art of Japanese cuisine and the function of a kitchen and home. This form of art has led her to drawing and painting what surrounds us in the home and scenes and objects that have profound meanings to us.

Her current work is to remind us of the dreamy and magical places in your heart and the new chapters those places bring in our lives. She paints and draws imaginary and narrative interior and tabletop scenes in oil and acrylic paints, including vintage treasures, books, flowers, fruit, wallpaper and all things that have nostalgic feel to them with an inner exploration of memories and stories.

Her work has been exhibited at Barkley Care Center in North Vancouver and at numerous group shows here in Vancouver and Mexico to bring a real sense of joy in the dark times of our modern and fast paced life. She was one of the selected muralists for Vancouver Mural Festival 2022 and her mural is now on 54 East 3rd Ave., Vancouver.

Emiko is a self taught artist and practices painting and sculpture at Parker Studio 108 in East Vancouver. She writes poetry and lives in North Vancouver