•  Where can I purchase your original work?

All available artwork can be found on my website, emikovenlet.com. If you wish to see more pictures of the artwork you are interested in, contact us at hello@emikovenlet.com as we're more than happy to email additional photos of works and to set up a zoom call to show you the work that way.


  •  What's the best place to know what you are currently working on and get to know your work closely?

As I am active on my instagram page, you can clink the link to find out what I am currently working on. However, the best place to know what's on my easel and be hearing more intimately about my work is my newsletter that I try to send out bi weekly. In my newsletter you will hear in depth about my process, my studio views and the latest updates on my shows and new collections! 

  • Do you take commissions?

    Yes! I would LOVE to connect with my clients and get to know their stories in depth and create a beautiful and the most meaningful piece of artwork that they will ever own! Please read COMMISSION PAGE and know my intimate process of creating an one of a kind artwork for you!

    • Do you teach art in person or online?

      Currently I don't teach art in person or online. However, if you sign up for my newsletter, you will receive a free PDF file on how to get more creative and start creating the work and life you will love. Also, signing up on my newsletter you will be the first one to know about my classes in the future! Please let me know meanwhile what you are interested in learning from me and what you are struggling with in your art-making practice. I would definitely write you back with my personal advice!

      • Where else do you sell your art?

        Currently, some of my work is sold in the US, through Salon 21 in NY. 

        My prints are also available through my website and DUENDE.