4 phases of creative process

4 phases of creative process

4 stages of creative process. 

1. Idea stage; when brilliant ideas pop up and you feel like you're genius. Things are rosy and everything is going to be so amazing. 

2. Baby stage; you take the first step to actualize your ideas. Scary but filled with hope and excitement still. First steps are the hardest but everything feels still fresh and uplifting.

3. Teenager stage; yep, as you progress, your work is getting somewhere and boom, you hit this stage. Hormones kick in. Nothing you do seems to matter. Life just gets harder and you want to rebel and scream and quit. Mantra at this stage is "I suck."

4. Awesome stage; congratulations!! If you arrive this stage, that means you tamed the rebellious teenager AKA, our ego, and you persevered. You grew up many inches taller and a lot wiser and kinder. Your work went through breakthrough and you feel you are a whole and one with your work. You are awesome and your work is amazing too. 


Boy did I go through these stages over and over. Today was a tough day. But I arrived. I persevered. I pushed through my comfort zones and voila, a creative breakthrough! 


All I can say now is phew 😅. 





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