A beginning of things

A beginning of things

I still remember the day when I first set up my painting space at home 9 years ago. 

I got a little room but the room felt big because there was nothing much in there in the beginning. 

A couple of brushes.

5 or 6 tubes of cheap acrylic paint.

2 canvases and a foldable easel. 

I remember feeling so proud of my materials and myself for starting something new and following my heart's desire at the age of 33, a mom of one autistic boy and another one in the oven. 

Slowly my little studio started to fill up with more art supplies and canvases and I was even more prouder. 


Today I finished setting up my other home space as a sculpture work room, separated from my painting home studio.

It's again a very small space but it feels big because there is less stuff and a whole lotta possibilities. 

I'm beginning a new practice, something I've been dreaming of pursuing for a few years now. 

And today I was reminded of that fresh beginning I took a plunge into 9 years ago and I've never been prouder again. 



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