A violin and concertina

A violin and concertina

My younger son goes to Waldorf school where in G4, students learn to play string instruments as in violins, violas or cellos.

He's still in G2 so it's another whole school year he won't get to play music instruments as such.

Today I was handed down with a beautifully looked after and well seasoned violin from an Waldorf school mom/teacher whose daughter is no longer playing her violin.

I couldn't help but try it out myself. I had never play violin before. 

It was such a magical moment, when I placed it right above my collarbone and I held the bow. It was as if I had a time trip back in early 18th century or something. 

This violin is not an antique piece but there suddenly appeared histories and stories untold in the air the moment the violin was held up in the position. 

I knew I'd get hooked on learning how to play violin and I'll have a year to enjoy before my son will take possession of this beautiful musical instrument. 

Then I remembered my dear friend who decided to play concertina. Maybe someday, I'll have a mini concert with him, quite a small one, probably intimate, as I now know playing music is just like painting, emotional and intimate. 

Do you play any musical instrument? Have you played violin? Tell me your experience with playing music. 



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