August studio family

August studio family

The group exhibition is now closed and all I want to say is I miss everything about that show.

The work we poured out heart into.

The interaction I had with my fellow mother artists.

The space we got to work and install our work.

Long but amazing gallery hours 

The chat we shared with visitors.

The opportunities to talk about ourselves and share depth of being a woman.

The community I felt so close to.

The hours of laughter and joy.


Before the show, I wasn't sure if I got what it takes to be a kind of artist who could exhibit the work and run a show. The commitment felt larger than I had anticipated.


Now it's over and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I grew so much as an artist and I now have an amazing community of artists that I can call family. 


Thank you again so much, everyone, for being part of my journey. 


The journey continues!!


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