If you follow any law of attraction stuff you have heard of Abraham Hicks.


I've been reading and listening to Abraham's teaching for quite some time and one of the most impactful lessons I love is that when yor mind is quiet during meditation you feel what the next movement you are to take, instead of following the same routine over and over again.

The teaching is that you follow what makes you feel good by becoming a keen listener of your heart. That's intuition and your mind needs to be quiet. 


Well this morning, I just did that. Normally after my morning meditation I journal with my tea. This morning, I could almost feel the crisp and fresh air outside while I was inside and my first feeling was that I wanted to feel that on my skin. 


So I got out of PJs and put on my workout pants and shirt, and off I went outside, still slightly dark.

Nothing special happened. No magical manifestation occurred. 


But the peace.




Oh it was just so wonderful. 

In a way it was exactly what I had wanted in the past few weeks.

And I got it manifested. 


Maybe it actually was special and magical. It depends how you decide to look at it and you have the power to choose. 



Anyway, that was my morning. How was yours? 


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