"Mother Time" by Jamie Smith

"Mother Time" by Jamie Smith

I grabbed my car key in the middle of my tax sorting out. 

Today was the last day of the show "Mother Time" curated and created by my artist friend, Jamie Smith https://www.jamiesmithstudio.com/

"I can't miss this!", I thought, torn between my "should" and my "want".


My " want" of course won and I arrived at the gallery, where Jamie welcomed me with open arms and her incredible art. 

I spent longer time than I initially planned to stay, allowing myself to get immersed in the world of her personal journey of trying to get pregnant through her thought provoking art and installation. 

Her thorough expression of the very vulnerable and personal journey in multi media art was pleasing to see and painful to fully take in at the same time. 


It was an amazing show, and a wonderful afternoon to spend with one of my favorite Vancouver artist. 


I'm glad I chose my "want" today. 

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