Poetry Monday

Poetry Monday

"Numbness in my numbness"


There was numbness in my numbness
I created a poetry
Out of the numbness

Out of no word
Came thousands of butterflies
They composed beautiful sonnets
That our summer was yet to hear

There was emptiness in my emptiness
I created a painting
Out of the emptiness

Out of the empty paint tubes
Appeared hundreds of memories
They painted beautiful composition
That our love was yet to discover

Then I suddenly felt fullness in my numbed and empty hands
So I started sculpting a heart
With all of my ten fingers, scarred and trembling

I found my own hands that way
I felt my own heart ever so daring and bountiful in them
And then I wondered
If your heart would feel just the same

The heart I have yet to hear the sound of
The one I would love to touch with mine

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