Slow down, my friend

Slow down, my friend

Sometimes you have to slow way down than you feel you comfortably can in order to accelerate the speed of things which you desire to happen in your life. 

Because when you do, you are basically trusting the process and telling the Universe that you are in alignment with your heart. 

I've learned this in hardest ways possible. So today, I decided to slow the heck down and learn my most natural pace of life. 

Is there anything you want so badly that your impluse is to work harder to get it? 

I so know that impluse. In fact that's the state of tension I have been living in for so many years that I forgot what my most natural pace of life is. 

But I learned that your body knows. Your heart knows and they're telling you this all along. 

So if you have experienced the frustration after frustration by having things not moving as fast as you want no matter how hard you are trying, maybe, just like me, you have to slow the heck down. 


Why don't we stop and smell some flowers on the way? The destination doesn't disappear. So let's not hurry. Let's enjoy the walk a lot more. Let's slow down, my friend. Let's slow down. 


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