Talking to my inner critic

Talking to my inner critic

Today I have been talking to my inner critics.

There were many voices I heard before I stepped into my studio and while I was in the studio.

Moving in the unknown triggers old wounds and scars.

I said, "Hello, my inner critic. I am here to talk. For the next 3 months."

"Tell me. What is it that you want my attention so much for?"


Today I began my new series that I had been reluctant to begin.

Spring began yesterday. 

Maybe, just maybe, all this waiting and whining for the last few months to begin this series had its purpose. Maybe, just maybe, all these fears and worries in the past few months were there to tell me something. 


So, hello Dear my inner critic that wants my attention. 

I am here.

Let's do this together. 

You are not alone anymore.

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