The Birthday

The Birthday

Your life is a miracle to me.

Your existence is a miracle to me.

Every second with you in my thoughts is a miracle to me.


Happy birthday to you.

I hope you can hear that, not just on your birthday but every second of your life .


I love how one of the viewers of this painting pointed out that she saw death and birth and how being a mother is exactly that; part of you die to give birth to someone/something else. 


Being a mother opens up so many sensors within you that you didn't know existed. I feel like all my pores are wide open to give and receive today after putting the Mother's Day themed exhibition together with amazing mother artists.


Maybe I'm just in the zone where I feel everything. EVERYTHING. 


Tomorrow is a very important and amazing day for me in so many ways.


It is to celebrate the generations and generations of mothers.


It is to celebrate all the moms who are mothering right now.


It is to celebrate all the women who are all mothers in their souls whether with or without human kids.


It is to celebrate one special, very special person who came to my life without planning.


It is to celebrate me, as a mom, as a woman, as an artist and a human being. 


It is to celebrate you. Being here. You. As you are.


So thank you for being here.


Don't forget to come celebrate Mother's Day tomorrow at our group exhibition!


Of Two Minds, a multimedia exhibition bringing together the work of four female Vancouver artists opening Mother’s Day weekend, Saturday May 7th from 12-5pm at 1320 E Pender in East Vancouver.



Gallery hours:

May 7-8th 12-5p

May 14-15 1-4pm

May 21-22 1-4pm 

Mid week viewings are available by appointment. 




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