Painting for Beere

Painting for Beere

It's been a while since I wrote my last blog post! 

So much has changed in personal life and professional life! 

Here is a little update and what I have been working on these days.


I have started this large painting of a beer that's brewed at a lovely local brewery called Beere Brewing Co.. Pink Tuscadero is their classic brew packed with Fraser Valley raspberries, and a touch of lemon and dry hops and it's one of my favorites. 

I had an opportunity to have my work hung on their wall in Oct 2022 and to paint live for their customers on one weekend. Since my series now is all about what's being shared on the dinner table, I decided to paint their classic beer!

I have painted wine glasses and vases many times in the past but I have never painted beers. I first thought it wouldn't be so different from painting wine or water I the glass but I was pleasantly proven wrong! I am still working on this piece and changing things constantly to nail this work.

I will definitely share the end result once it's done. 

I better get to it before the beer gets less cold....

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