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Emiko Venlet Art

Grapefruit Out of Eden's

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This original work is an acrylic painting on 14" x 18" canvas (framed)

Image reference from Out of Eden's Magazine

The title, date, sign are on the back of the canvas. 

About "What’s On the Dinner Table” Series

This series evolved on its own. It started as a way for me to connect with my mother, who ran a small restaurant when we were young. Food was always on the table. My mother’s cooking brought people together on the table. Good laughs and stories were poured over the course of meals. I didn’t become a good cook but I became a painter instead.

I had tiny canvases lying on the floor in my studio one day. Precisely 4” by 4”, bite size canvases. I thought I would paint some food on it just to relax and have fun. I posted the finished work on Instagram. It got sold right away. Another one. Sold. I have sold so many bites of my food to so many food and art lovers now, that I thought I would love to expand my menus and share more love and stories in the world. Now I paint in several different sizes and soon will make sculpture work as well!

This series is an homage to my mother, who is still standing in the kitchen, making her food, feeding her family, and is still an excellent cook to this day.