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Emiko Venlet Art

"Lotte" Lotte Jansdotter, a US-based Swedish designer and style icon

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This original work is an oil painting on 8" x 8" birch cradled panel 

About “Where Women Create” Series

My fascination for where and how women create out of seemingly nothingness started at an early age of my life. Growing up watching my grandmother and mother always making something, not because they were artists but because they had no doubt creation always started from their bare hands, cultivated the love and understanding of female magical and creative pursuit in any situation and anywhere they are.

I feel privileged to have carried those genes in me as a female creative and what I can bring about as such in the world of uncertainty and separateness because where women create there is always equanimity and communities.

In this series I wanted to paint an imaginary scene of each female creatives, from a painter in the 19th century to a modern textile designer, where they create not only their artwork but their lives as women in the pursuit and search of their creative rights and how to share with the rest of the world who they truly are.


The title, date, sign are on the back of the canvas and the painting also comes with a certificate of authenticity.

All paintings ship out of my studio in North Vancouver, BC Canada