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Emiko Venlet Art

Similkameen River

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6" x 8"

Acrylic on canvas board


signed and dated on the back of the canvas


For the shipment of original paintings and prints, please email me with the delivery address and I will provide a quote from my shipping service before you decide to place an order. 



About “Summer of 2021”

Still in the middle of Covid, we traveled to discover British Columbia, a place we call home now. We saw beautiful things and wildfires. We experienced nature and terror on land and on sea. The paintings emerged to remember our life together as a family in 2021.

These little landscape paintings are from my trip in Okanagan Valley in 2021. Wildfire took place and for many days I didn't see blue skies. Okanagan beauty kept capturing my heart nonetheless. I wanted to capsulated the memories and its majestic beauty on to my canvas.