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Emiko Venlet Art

"When the last petal falls we must go

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This original work is an acrylic painting on 20" x 24" canvas

About “Abundance Series”

When you try to become someone you are not because people expect you to be, you are giving away your birthright of abundance, your right to be fully you.

When you accept everything that is you, you live your birthright of abundance fully, the right to be you, only you, and that’s the abundance we can share with people around you and with the world. You are full. You are complete. You are you and that’s the abundance the world needs.

I hope you will enjoy my work, get lost in the world of paints and poetry, listen to the sound of your heart singing, overcome and accept your difficulties and realize you are the abundance you have been looking for all these years.


The title, date, sign are on the back of the canvas. 

All paintings ship out of my studio in North Vancouver, BC Canada