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Emiko Venlet Art

"Wildfire And Pink Sky"

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This original work is an acrylic painting on 6" x 8" canvas board

About “Summer of 2021”

Still in the middle of Covid, we traveled to discover British Columbia, a place we call home now. We saw beautiful things and wildfires. We experienced nature and terror on land and on sea. The paintings emerged to remember our life together as a family in 2021.

These little landscape paintings are from my trip in Okanagan Valley in 2021. Wildfire took place and for many days I didn't see blue skies. Okanagan beauty kept capturing my heart nonetheless. I wanted to capsulated the memories and its majestic beauty on to my canvas.


The title, date, sign are on the back of the canvas. 

All paintings ship out of my studio in North Vancouver, BC Canada